Types of Pokies Explained

3 Reel, Video Pokies and Jackpot Pokies Explained

When you access the Pokies section of the games menu at your Australian online casino, you will usually see three types of pokies listed there: 3 Reel Pokies, Video Pokies and Jackpot Pokies. This article explains the salient features of each of these types of pokies.

3 Reel Pokies

Most of the online pokies that you will encounter will be video pokies. They have five reels. Most of them will have three rows of symbols, but some may have four or five rows. The number of paylines begins at nine and goes up to 100. Beyond that there are video pokies in which all combinations pay. One of the important facets of video pokies is the theme. The symbols and graphics are so chosen so as to create that theme. In Australia different sports are popular themes for video pokies. Such pokies are set in the background of the sporting arena and use images of players and the accessories used in that sport as symbols. A form that is growing in popularity is the branded video pokie, which has as its theme blockbuster movies or television shows. Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones are examples of such branded video pokies.

Video pokies also have a number of bonus features. Most common is the free spins bonus round. In this feature you are allotted a number of spins for which you do not have to place any wager but will receive the payouts. Another feature is the bonus game on the second screen. In this feature there are no reels. You pick objects on the screen to win bonus credits.

Jackpot Pokies

Jackpot pokies can be the 3 reel type or the video pokie type. The significant feature is that the top payout is not constant but keeps on increasing. A part of every wager contributes to the progressive jackpot amount, which is displayed on the screen. Not only your or wager, but the wager of any player who is playing on that pokie at any Australian online casino will increase the progressive jackpot. When the pokie is hit the winning player gets the amount standing in the progressive jackpot at that time. The pokie is then reset to its base level. The hit can take place either randomly or by getting a particular alignment of symbols defined in the rules.