Understanding Microgaming Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is a casino poker game you will find at Australian online casinos powered by Microgaming. Some of the best sites where you can play Poker Pursuit are Casino Mate, All Slots and Royal Vegas. You play against a payout table. For one coin wagered the payouts are as follows: tens or better 2; two pairs 3; three of a kind 4; straight 6; flush 9; full house 12; four of a kind; straight flush 200 and royal flush 1,000. The payouts for two coins and three coins are exact multiples of the one coin payouts across all hand rankings.

You compulsorily start by wagering one coin. You can choose the coin denomination based on your bankroll. The options range from AU$ 0.50 to AU$10. You then start the game by clicking the Deal button. Three cards will be dealt face up in the central area on the screen. Based on these cards you decide whether you want to raise or call. If you raise then you wager a second coin. If you call, then the Poker Pursuit game moves on without any additional bet. The fourth card is then dealt. Again you can raise or call in the same manner. At this stage you may have 1 coin or 2 coins or 3 coins wagered. If you win you will be paid out according to the corresponding payout table. The last card is dealt. If the final hand corresponds to any in the payout table you receive a payout. Otherwise you lose all the coins wagered.

You have to play Microgaming Poker Pursuit using the optimum strategy in order to get the best returns. The simple statement of this strategy is that if you already have a winning hand then you must raise otherwise you must call. After three cards the winning hands are tens or better pair and any three of a kind. After four cards the winning hands also include any two pairs and any four of a kind. However, there is an important exception here. You should raise with four cards to any flush or four cards to any straight. The bigger payouts for these hands make the risk worth taking. Microgaming has introduced an Auto Play feature in Poker Pursuit. It is available in the Expert Mode. You can play up to 500 deals without manual intervention using optimum strategy. The only constraint is that the bet amount will remain the same.