The Excitement Of In Running Live Baccarat

Baccarat at online casinos is one of the simplest and drabbest games. But this game has some extremely exciting variants at live dealer casinos. One of these is In Running Baccarat that can be played at live dealer casinos of Playtech powered sites like Mansion Casino and This is somewhat like in-play sports betting with revised odds and handicaps posted for the outcomes after every card dealt.

Before the cards are dealt you can wager on Banker, Player or Tie bets at the same payouts as in online baccarat. Then the first card is dealt to the Player hand. Odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are posted that are based on the revised chances of winning. You have the option of placing additional bets at the new terms. Then the first card is dealt to the Banker hand and again new odds and handicap values are posted. You again have the option of placing fresh bets. This process continues till the baccarat game ends and the winner declared. It is important to note that all bets will be settled at the terms at which they were placed.

The hands are valued as in online baccarat. At each stage a handicap value is given to each hand so as to equalise their potential. The weaker hand at that stage is given a positive handicap and the stronger hand is given a negative handicap. The actual hand values obtained at the end of the game are adjusted by the handicaps offered at that stage in order to decide the winner of the bet placed at that stage. The basic payout is even money for the Player and Banker bets. But these are multiplied by the odds declared at each stage to settle the bets placed at that stage.

In order to understand the process let us consider an example. Suppose at a particular stage the Player win is given a handicap of 1.0 and odds of 0.9. You place a bet of AU$5 on the Player winning. When the game subsequently ends the Player's final hand value is 6 and the Banker’s final hand value is also 6. For the purpose of settling your bet, the Player’s hand value is adjusted by the handicap and becomes 7.0. Since this is greater than the Banker’s hand value, the Player wins. Your payout at even money would be AU$5. But this has to be multiplied by the odds of 0.9 that were given at the time the bets were placed. So your actual payout will be AU$4.5.