Sports Themed Arcade Games At Playtech Online Casinos

Australians are fond of sports and therefore sports themed pokies are popular at online casinos. But there is another online casino games category that offers sports based titles. This is arcade games category that you will find at Playtech powered Australian online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino. This article reviews some Playtech sports themed arcade games.

Bonus Bowling creates a realistic visual bowling alley environment. You have to predict the outcomes for which odds are offered. For example the odds of knocking from 0 to 3 pins are 2 to 1. There are special outcomes related to the sport. Spare, which involves knocking all 10 pins in two throws, has a payout of 10 to 1. Strike, or knocking all 10 pins in one throw, offers odds of 25 to 1. You can place multiple bets on different outcomes. Once the bets are placed you activate the arcade game. Two bowling balls are rolled across the alley and the outcome achieved is displayed in the score board. If you have bet on the final outcome then you win the corresponding payout.

Knockout is the boxing themed arcade game from Playtech. You first have to select the blue boxer or the red boxer and your opponent is displayed on the screen. There are five different punches that aim at different areas of the opponent's body and each punch offers a payout from 3 to 1 to 12 to 1. You have only to select the bet amount. The virtual bout takes place on the screen. If your boxer loses then there is no payout. But if he manages to land his punch, which is randomly chosen, then you receive the payout for that punch. To add excitement to the game, the history of past punches is displayed.

Playtech offers a football themed arcade game titled Final Score that gets quite popular during the final weeks of the football season. In order to make the game more interesting, you choose the league and the home and away teams. A number of bets are offered that match the actual bets at sports betting sites. The Match Betting bets offer odds for the home team winning, away team winning and draw. For players who want longer odds, the Correct Score bets are recommended. Other bets include the total goals scored in the game, penalties missed, penalties scored, injury time goals and red cards shown. Once the bets are placed the football game is played out virtually at super-fast speed and the outcomes for the various bets displayed. You will receive payouts if you have bet on the actually occurring outcomes.