Playtech Double Attack Online Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack is a range of online blackjack games in which the player can double his wager after seeing the dealer’s face up card. Playtech offers a variant of this game at Australian online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.

Playtech Double Attack Blackjack is played with eight Spanish decks. A Spanish deck has all the tens removed so there are only 48 cards in each deck. The dealing process is also different. After you place the bet only one dealer card is dealt face up. The player’s cards are not dealt at this stage. Based on the dealer’s face up card, you have the option of doubling the initial bet. Once you take a call on this option your initial two cards will be dealt face up and the dealer’s second card will be dealt face down. Then the game proceeds as usual.

The detailed rules of the game are available in the Help file that can be accessed from the Menu. If you split a hand you have to cover both the initial and the Double Attack bet for the second hand. However, in the case of the double down you have the option to double only the initial bet or both bets. Playtech Double Attack Blackjack is a hole card game and the dealer will check for blackjack when required. The Insurance bet is also available. Another change is in the surrender option. You can surrender after having hit several times and also after doubling and after splitting.

Any player that places a Double Attack bet against a will only lose the initial bet if the dealer ends up with a blackjack. The payouts have had to be changed on account of the advantages offered by the Double Attack bet. The payout for player blackjack is reduced to 1 to 1 from the normal 3 to 2. The Insurance bet pays at 5 to 2, but is still an avoidable bet.

Playtech Double Attack Blackjack offers an optional Bust It side bet. This bet pays out if the dealer busts with exactly three cards dealt to him irrespective of the outcome of the main game. In order to settle the Bust It side bet, the dealer draws a third card even if the player busts or draws a blackjack. The Bust It bet pays out according to the given pay table. There are two payout opportunities. The first one is based on the third card with which the dealer busts. The second one is if the dealer’s three cards are 8s of the same suit or colour.