Playtech Branded Scratch Cards Are Fascinating

The branded Marvel pokies are well known at Australian online casinos. What is not as well known is that most of these online pokies have corresponding scratch cards. The graphics and the symbols are taken from the Marvel pokies. The best part is that these branded scratch cards work in different ways so as to make the game play interesting.

The most common format of the scratch card is for the super heroes Wolverine, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Captain America. You have to match any of the symbols in a row or column of the 3×3 grid of the scratch card. Each symbol has been given a multiplier. The super heroes Punisher War Zone and Thor scratch cards have added a feature to this format to make it more interesting. The scratch card has a designated bonus symbol, which triggers a bonus round. You pick a symbol to win a cash prize.

In the Blade scratch card, the three matching symbols can appear scattered on the grid. However, you can scratch only four of the nine cells. The payout multiplier is randomly determined for each game. In Iron Man 2 you have to get three reactor symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Elektra scratch card works similarly. But you can match any of the like weapons symbols. In both these scratch cards the payout multiplier is randomly determined. The Fantastic 4 scratch card is played on 4×4 grid. You have to match any of the four super heroes in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. There is a bonus feature offered when all of the Fantastic 4 members appear in any position on the scratch card. You get to play a free card.

The X-Men scratch card is the most innovative and fascinating of the Playtech Marvel branded scratch cards. You will recall that the X-Men online pokie pits super heroes against super villains. The scratch card consists only of two cells. If both cells reveal the same character you receive the full payout. If both cells reveal either super heroes or super villains then you receive half the payout. There is a wild symbol that can act as any character. Another interesting format is used in Spiderman and Kong scratch cards. Before you start, a designated symbol and the payout multiplier will be displayed along with six cells. If this symbol appears in any of the six cells then you receive the payout.