Online Video Poker Hands With A Difference

Most of the games suppliers to Australian online casinos offer a very similar set of video poker games. But there are couple of unique video poker variants that you will find at Realtime Gaming powered online casinos like Fair Go.

One of them is 7 Stud Poker. As in the regular stud poker cash games, you will be dealt cards in stages with intermediate betting. Form the seven cards ultimately dealt, you pick the five cards that make the highest ranked poker hand. You first place the ante bet. The first and third cards of your hand will be dealt face up. If you like the cards you can raise by the amount of your ante bet. Otherwise, you can call and play on without raising the bet. You must keep in mind that if you call then the remaining cards are immediately dealt and you do not have the option to raise later. If you raise, then the fifth card of your hand is dealt face up. You again face the same options. If you raise, then the sixth card is dealt face up. You have one last chance to raise after which all the remaining cards are dealt. The best five card hand is compared with the payout table. Three of a kind pays 1 to 1 and royal flush pays 25 to 1.

The other unique Realtime Gaming online video poker variant is Mystery Bonus Poker. It is played like the other video poker games but with the addition of the Mystery Bonus Feature. After you place your bet and the Mystery Bonus Poker wheel spins and reveals a poker hand ranking from the payout table. The initial cards are then dealt and you complete the game in the normal way. If the final hand matches with any in the payout table you win the corresponding payout. But if the winning hand is also the Mystery Bonus hand then the payout is doubled payouts. The excitement is created of a potential conflict that can arise from time to time. If you employ the optimum video poker strategy then you increase the chance of getting the highest possible winning hand. But this could eliminate any chance of getting the Mystery Bonus Hand. So you have to take a call between the two. For long term gains it is advisable to stay with the regular strategy and let the Mystery Bonus really be a bonus.