Microgaming Online Arcade Game Max Damage

Most arcade games at online casinos are fixed odds instant win games. But Microgaming, the leading software provider to Australian online casinos, does things differently. Its arcade game titled Max Damage and the Alien Attack is as close to the interactive console based arcade games that you find in video parlours. So bring your physical dexterity and mental alertness along.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a branded title based on popular retro arcade games series featuring the superhero Max Damage. Right from the introductory video clip the arcade game has content from the original including premium graphics and high quality sound effects. The theme of alien attack is perfect for the game. You, as Max Damage, control a spaceship and counter attack the advancing alien fleet using the designated keyboard buttons. You start with six lives and the longer you can hold on to them the more credits you will win. If an alien ship sneaks past you then a life is lost. On the other hand you can win boosters that enhance life, health, shield and attacking power. During your encounter with aliens you can collect freebies like blockades, nukes, wormholes, free missiles and laser boosters. These award random payouts that can be significant if you are lucky. You also win credits for each alien ship that you blast to smithereens. And there is a huge bonus up for grabs if you manage to kill the alien boss at the end of designated rounds.

If you have played video arcade games, you will know that they move to higher levels with greater difficulty but bigger rewards. Max Damage and the Alien Attack has nine levels consisting of nine onslaughts from the aliens one after another. In order to successfully defend Earth you have to complete all nine levels. In the higher levels the difficulty is increased by the alien ships flying closer to your spaceship and shooting at it or colliding into it.

Winning credits is your prime objective, but video arcade games also foster bragging rights. Max Damage and the Alien Attack includes a top scores leader board which displays the top player scores as well as the dates and ranking of different player’s achievements. In order to get your name on the list there are two other eligibility requirements. You have to complete all 9 levels and kill the boss in the end. Max Damage arcade game can be played at Microgaming powered Australian online casinos like Royal Vegas and 32Red.