Virginia Citizens Show Support for Bristol Casino

A projected casino in south-western Virginia is still getting support from a varied group of community leaders. Former city mayor and the minister were amid a group of Bristol, Virginia citizens at a meeting to show their support for a proposed casino in the city. According to the Bristol Herald Courier, 10 out of 11 public speakers voiced their approval for the project to the Bristol City Council.

:Supporters like the Rev. William Reid of New Hope Baptist Church, who publicized possible employment benefits was also part of the supporters.

Rev. William Reid statement read …

“In my judgment, I think it this is a great opportunity to consider. We have the skill here to play the lottery, however, it comes down to us eventually being responsible, to be responsible and held liable for what we do. We have to recall all choices have consequences.”

This public support for the project, even from groups usually opposed to any form of gambling, underlines the eagerness for the new casino in Bristol. The casinos will be located along the Tennessee border near the far south-western corner of Virginia. The City Council endorsed the project and the public seems to be in agreement as well.

Bristol Casino

The brick and Mortar casino is still subject to approval by the Virginia General Assembly., However, with the extensive local support, it seems policymakers in Richmond will be motivated to do so when the legislature takes up the issue in the 2019 session. It has already taken steps to expand betting in the commonwealth that up to that point where unparalleled.

Virginia Discovers Gambling

After years as one of the states that opposed gambling, insolences have begun to shift in the Old Territory. Beginning with pushes to change its poker laws in the last year, the commonwealth has melted its colonial-era hostility to gambling.


This is great news for the state both socially and economically. A new casino could open doors to a lot of Virginia residents in terms of new employment opportunities. We look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.