Basics Of Online Vegas Three Card Rummy

If you are looking for an online casino table game that does not have a complicated strategy, one that is fast paced and different from the rest, then Vegas Three Card Rummy is the game for you. It is available at all Microgaming powered Australian online casinos such as 32Red, Casino Mate and Royal Vegas. This article explains the basics of Vegas Three Card Rummy and takes you through the game play. It will also point out the key decisions you will need to take in order to maximize your average return. There are only two of them.

As in all casino table games you start by placing the ante bet. Check out the minimum and maximum limits imposed by the online casino and make sure that you are within that. Vegas Three Card Rummy also allows for an optional bonus bet. As in most table games the bonus bet is geared to higher payout ratios but has a high house edge. The first strategic decision is never to look at the bonus bet.

You and the dealer are both dealt three cards. You can see your cards, but the dealer's cards are face down. The main difference between Vegas Three Card Rummy and similar online casino games is that in this game the lower valued hand wins. Your hand value is calculated in this way. Paired cards, three of a kind cards and suited runs, similar to straight flush, are valued at zero and thus eliminated. The values of the remaining cards are then added. Aces are worth one point, face cards are worth 10 points and all other cards are awarded points according to their rank.

Then you have to make your second choice. You can fold and lose the ante bet. Or you can raise by adding another bet equal to the antebet. If the dealer has more than 20 points, then he does not qualify. Then the ante bet pays 1:1 and the raise bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies then you need a lower total to win. The ante bet pays 1:1 and the raise bet pays according to a table. If you have 0 points the payout is 4:1, 1 to 5 points pay 2:1 and 6 or more points pay 1:1. If the dealer qualifies and you have a higher hand then you lose both bets. The optimum strategy is to raise when you have 20 or fewer points, which is the dealer's qualifying hand.